Designing for Life


We are uniquely positioned to provide you best in class services.

Product Design

We bring ideas to functional prototypes, or improve on existing concepts. We offer industrial and mechanical design services covering many industries. From napkin sketch to renderings and 3D design, our engineers specialize in awesome.


We have CNC capabilities and 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Let us help you with short-run production, machining, electronic integration, assembly and packaging. We are a solution to bring your designs to market. Want to take your product overseas? Our experts have the connections and experience guide you along the way.

Product Consultation

We solve problems faced when bringing a product to market. This includes rapid tooling, agency approvals, streamlining production, increasing capacity, quality control, global sourcing, and project management.

Additional Services

We have in-house print services that many local print houses utilize as a resource for their jobs. We are experienced in bringing software and electronic projects to life. Let our team assist you with your PCB design, firmware, and software needs.

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