About Gravity Ignite

Our Story

Gravity Ignite, LLC was founded in 2013 by lifelong serial entrepreneur and inventor Christopher Gerding. Christopher has a track record of bringing new, globally distributed products to market since 1998, many of them produced in China. But times have changed.

“There is a stronger need than ever for buying domestic. Timing and supply chain reliability have never been so crucial to success.” – Christopher says.

We need agile, vertically integrated manufacturing that supports a critical function – keeping up with changing demand. That’s why Gravity Ignite has such versatile capabilities. 

Over the years, projects just get done faster when you have most of the tools and equipment you need to make a product in a single place. Having diverse capabilities allows significant flexibility in what we can make, and how fast we can make it.

In an era where deadlines are tough to keep and markets change rapidly, we need stable and reliable places where things get made in the USA. That’s what we do at Gravity Ignite.

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Located in Northeast Ohio, our facility and skilled team are ready to help make your next project a success.

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