October 2, 2015


What We Do

Gravity Ignite, Inc. works with their clients on product design and manufacturing. Our focus is on the many steps that happen from product concept to product launch.

We help our clients refine their idea. Our experts help you clearly define your goals and turn them into specifications that can be used to launch a new product or business. Already have a product? We can work with you to improve an existing product.

Our goal is to provide clients with valuable information:

  • Establish clients’ needs.
  • Define cost targets and determine how to reach them.
  • Resolve challenging design goals.
  • Determine deadlines and define a realistic way to reach them.
  • Differentiation from current marketplace products.
  • Innovate product solutions

We have a successful track record of taking new products from concept to reality. We help place products into major channels across several industries in the US and abroad.  At Gravity Ignite we go beyond a prototype.

We often work with companies that have an in-house engineering department when they require on-demand product development and development strategy to augment in-house staff. Our goal is to work with the key people in your business to become a productive partner. We bring our specialized expertise into your team to deliver high quality results.


Why work with Gravity Ignite?

  • Function. Products work like they are supposed to do.
  • Manufacturability. We make sure that a factory can make it.
  • Aesthetics.  We make sure the product is visually appealing.
  • Results. Our clients know their projects are in great hands.
  • Patents. We strive to make patentable products.

We help you get your product manufactured.  We work to reduce costs, get tooling and parts done fast, and setup quality control standards and production lines. We even do our own contract manufacturing.

Our facility features CNC routers and mills and large format printers.  We have metal, plastic and wood forming capabilities and an extensive vendor network.  Gravity Ignite also specializes in establishing production methods for assembly and electronic integration.  We are a go to source for making simple to complicated products domestic or offshore.

Give us a call today and let’s see what we can build together!